Our Story

In the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where bustling streets and hurried footsteps echo, there exists a sanctuary of serenity called Harmony Blends Space.

What originated as a bespoke tea collection, grew into a haven where souls seek solace and spirits find restoration.


The seeds of Harmony Blends Space were sown in the heart of its founder, Hayley, who sought to find balance in her own tumultuous journey. For far too long, she wore busy as a badge of honour, caught in the relentless pursuit of success. The weight of competition and the demands of an overworked existence became her constant companions. But Hayley yearned for more than this chaotic rhythm; she craved a life where the midday sun's gentle touch was a moment of joy, where every interaction was imbued with presence, and where quality time with her daughter Ava would be cherished.


The story begins with Harmony Blends – the tea chapter.


With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Hayley delved into the healing power of nature's bountiful resources: herbs, flowers, and leaves. She began meticulously blending her own tea brews, carefully noting the symphony of flavours that harmonised with one another. The resounding applause from her taste-testing friends ignited a newfound confidence within her, and with each creation, the essence of Harmony Blends took shape.


Every Harmony Blends product bears the intention of forging a connection between our inner health and outer radiance. Hayley’s intuitively hand-blended teas, approved by naturopaths, are meticulously crafted and designed to support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.


Within the walls of Harmony Blends nestled alongside the aroma of steeping teas, lies a custom-built yoga studio - a sacred space where bodies find harmony, minds discover serenity and spirits’ soar. It is here that Hayley's tea crafting journey took an unexpected turn, leading her to the path of yoga and awakening a deep passion within her. Drawn to the practice's transformative power, Hayley immersed herself in learning, studying under seasoned yogis, and embracing the profound wisdom of the ancient discipline.


Our story continues… we now enter the wellness chapter.


As Hayley's love affair with yoga grew, so did her desire to share its gifts with others. Guided by her own experiences and fuelled by an unwavering commitment to empowering women, Hayley began transforming her bespoke tea collective into a growing empire of bespoke yoga classes and wellness workshops.


Harmony Blends Space was born.


Harmony Blends Space is a sanctuary, inviting women from all walks of life to shed their inhibitions, release their worries, and embrace the gentle power that resides within them. In this intimate community, the threads of vulnerability, support, and authentic connection intertwine, weaving a tapestry of shared growth and collective healing.


Today, Hayley stands at the helm of her yoga studio, radiating a warmth and grace that echoes in every corner. With a gentle touch and words that resonate deeply, she guides her fellow women on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Here, in this haven of self-care, laughter dances through the air, tears of release are embraced, and hearts find solace in the presence of kindred spirits. It is a place where yoga transcends the physical, and the mat becomes a sacred space for embracing authenticity, fostering self-love, and weaving the threads of community.


Harmony Blends Space seeks to inspire you to be patient with yourself, to embrace your authenticity, and to fill your cup with the nourishment that your body, mind, and soul crave.


The motivation for Harmony Blends, in all of its chapters, lay in the painful memory of Hayley's mother, a tireless worker who juggled three jobs to support their family. Her mother's relentless dedication to the grind, fuelled by a society that applauded burnout, left an indelible mark on Hayley's heart. At the age of 35, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and within a matter of weeks, she was gone, leaving a life unfulfilled and dreams unrealised. The tragedy propelled Hayley to forge her own path, to seize each chapter of her life with unyielding determination and inspire others to do the same.


"Harmony Blends Space is a testament to releasing the notion that busyness is a cause for celebration," Hayley shares. "It is a celebration of embracing every precious moment with those who grace our lives, of finding solace in slowing down, and of dedicating daily moments to reflect on what truly brings pure bliss into our lives."

This is for you, Mum - a testament to the enduring legacy of love, resilience, and the courage to forge our own paths.

Dearest Ava, follow your path my darling girl.