Our Story

Take a moment. Close your eyes. How does it feel when you’re holding your cup of hot, comforting tea? Inhale the scent, allow the flavours to ignite your senses and the comforting warmth in your body to ground and centre you.


At Harmony Blends, we want every sip of your daily brew to be a moment just for you. Proudly certified organic tea, we harness our deep love of healing to create not just a delicious blend but a journey of self-love.


Harmony Blends was inspired by its Founder Hayley’s own personal journey of balance. 
For years, Hayley wore busy as a badge of honour. The daily grind and competitiveness of who was the most overworked in her circle followed her wherever she went. In a society where being burnt out means you’re on the road to success, Hayley was ready to walk (not run) down her own path, at her own pace.


“I started my business because I wanted to have something of my own and to be flexible with my time. I wanted a life where I could enjoy the midday sun, be present during every interaction and in the future, embrace quality time with my children”


As a child, Hayley’s mother worked 3 jobs to support her family. She was tough, she was a hard worker, she was a slave to the grind. At 35, Hayley’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and within less than a month, she was gone. A life cut short and overruled by the feelings of crash and burn, Harmony Blends is inspired by crafting your own story, your way and living every single chapter to the absolute fullest.


“Harmony Blends is about letting go of the belief that busy is something to celebrate. It’s about embracing every moment with those around you, being okay with slowing down and taking moments every day to reflect on what creates pure bliss in your life.”


Hayley began researching the health benefits of nature’s resources like herbs, flowers and leaves and started to blend her own brews. Taking note of flavours that complimented each other, the overwhelming feedback from her taste testing friends and the discovery of a newfound confidence when developing her creations, Harmony Blends was born.


Each Harmony Blend product is created with the intention of connecting our inner health and outer radiance. All of our Wellness Blends have been naturopath approved as functioning botanical tisanes to support you feeling like the best version of yourself.


Our mission is to ensure you take the time you need to practice true self care. With every sip is a moment of calm and a reminder that you are worthy of everything you desire.

Born from saying goodbye to disconnection, Harmony Blends inspires you to be patient with yourself, embrace your authenticity and fill your cup with what your body, mind and soul needs. Take it from Hayley, it’s a gamechanger!


This one’s for you, Mum.