Our commitment to sustainability

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today.

From the moment Harmony Blends was created, we began our long-term commitment to creating a brand that had big impact via a small footprint.

Our sustainability initiatives are ever-growing and continuous. Here’s a few ways Harmony Blends are fostering a culture of sustainability, awareness and action.


Plant the seed and watch it grow

Enjoy a Harmony Blends moment beyond your last sip with our plantable thank you cards. Our little gift to you with every purchase, our thank you cards can be planted in your garden to bloom into calming chamomile.


Prioritising compost

In addition, our compostable mailing bags, your Harmony Blends tea is also compostable! Whether in your compost bin or spread throughout your garden, we ensure that your brew gives back in more ways than one.


Mindful packaging

Packaging waste is a huge global problem, and one Harmony Blends doesn’t want to contribute to. Prioritising as much sustainable packaging as possible, your Harmony Blends tea is delivered in our compostable mailers with handwritten addresses to eliminate sticker use.

Opening your delivery, you’ll notice our pure cotton calico bags. Carefully packed to seal in the freshness of your new brew, your Harmony Blends cotton bag can be reused to store your Harmony Blends, as an alternative when purchasing produce or to store all your essentials for the day (just to name a few!).


A pledge to the planet

As we grow, so does our commitment to sustainability. Mindful in every decision we make, Harmony Blends is growing towards ensuring all packaging utilised is completely compostable or able to be recycled.

First on the list? Vegetable printing to eliminate the use of stickers all together and evolved packaging that supports our pledge.